Hello, I am Ross Brunton. You can contact me at bruntonross-gmail.com, or browse my GitHub.

This site serves to give a simple demonstration of the personal projects that I have created.


This is a simple web application used to manage bookmarks. It has a number of different features including the following:

This application was written using the Python web framework Django.

You can use the application at: bmat.bruntonross.co.uk and view the source on GitHub.


A client-side JavaScript game engine for creating games. It is a selection of different modules that can be brought together to make a game. It currently has the following features:

I'm still developing it, so it's not ready for making full games yet, however I have made simple demos of a platformer and a turn based strategy game. The source code for the engine can be seen on GitHub.


Developed during an internship at Heriot-Watt University, this is a teaching tool similar to Codecademy. In brief, students enter code into a prompt to answer questions, the system then runs this code (on a server) and gives them the output. It was developed using the Django (Python) web framework. While initially designed for the R language, it should be simple to add new ones, and it also includes the following features:

The source code can be seen on GitHub.


My honours project; a web application to visualise academic papers. It used a "graph" style visualisation, nodes represented papers, while the links between them represented citations. This project was mostly focused on hand-made diagrams rather than automatically generated ones, so an editor to create the diagrams was developed as well as the viewer. It was developed in ECMAScript 6 (with BabelJS) and the graphing library JointJS, and had the following features:

The source code can be seen on GitHub. A demonstration can be seen for the viewer and editor.